Nomad - Allowing any company to add product recognition to their E-commerce strategy

Nomad makes it easy to simplify the User Experience of finding and buying products. With Nomad there is no need to pay for expensive time consuming Development, QA, and Maintenance.

Simple - Easy - Quick

  • Almost no Code

    Almost anyone can use it. Just download, fill out and go.

  • Scan

    No pictures required, just point and click through our sdk.

  • Buy with one click

    Allow customers to go straight to your item’s link and complete their purchase.

Getting Started

Download the package and import it into Unity. Add your 3d Models and link them to their repective pages.

  • Download Download your package
  • Open Open your package in Unity
  • Link Link your model to its url
  • Scan Users scan your product
  • Buy Buy the product

Nomad SDK enables devolpers to add object reconition in seconds to new or existing projects.